About the Continuous Delivery Maturity Model

At Praqma, while helping many companies with their continuous delivery implementation and throughout the seminars, conferences and training classes we conduct, the most common questions we get concerning continuous delivery of are “Where do we start?”, “What to do next?” and “What’s the benefit of this particular step?”.

We’ve learned to recognize various signs indicating different levels of ‘continuous delivery maturity’ and have used them to create a model. We use the model to categorize our findings, observations, and recommendations.

At Praqma we are all very engaged in continuous delivery and find the model incredibly useful when discussing with clients, colleagues, user groups, companions, audiences etc.


Our first version of the model was released at the Scandinavian Jenkins User Event in 2013. Since then we’ve used it to assess over 20 companies through combined workshops and interview sessions, and near 400 users have taken the online self-assessment.

In December 2015 we released the next generation of our model - where you are now. The model is no longer static, it’s designed to adapt to the feedback we get from end-users. Areas, cards and gauges will be individually updated, added and removed.

Our Continuous Delivery Maturity Model has been reborn as code and it will be continuously updated.